3 SURE Signs the Relationship WILL Fail

Let’s talk about relationships from another viewpoint.


What would it look like if you were to recognize the signs beforehand of a toxic relationship? Or, before you get too deeply involved in the relationship?


What would you do?


Would you still pursue the relationship?


Would you ignore the signs?


Most times, in an unhealed state, women WILL ignore the signs. I did ignore these three signs and quite a few more. The heart wants what the heart wants, right?


Here are 3 SURE signs your relationship WILL fail:


When you give yourself permission to heal…


You will stand in your power and refuse to ignore the signs, you will say yes to loving yourself first and foremost and you will nourish your worth. Are you willing to honor the unhealed parts of yourself because you honor your value?


Healing yourself is YOUR WIN!


THIS is how you celebrate your strength from a healthy place of love within vs. strength from a place where you are constantly in survival mode.


You are what you have been waiting for because “love DOES love you back”.


Are you ready for a relationship “detox” from the hurt, pain, shame, betrayal and repeating the cycle of attracting toxic relationships in your life?







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