3 Tactics Toxic Men Use to Lure in Women

“Pain builds Walls. Healing Builds Doors”.

  1. Toxic men will tell you about how they have been wronged in past relationships. Not to share their past, they want you to pity them. They make themselves the victim of their past. They will have terrifying horror stories of their ex. She cheated, was verbally abusive, tormented him emotionally, or maybe she was “stupid”, maybe he will act as if he is soooooo damaged he can’t talk about it at all. Pay attention and ask questions about the role THEY planned instead. You will notice them constantly deflect and redirect. 


How to recognize if you are playing straight into his hand: Do you look for ways to be “so different’ than his “terrible ex? Do you try to prove that you are NOTHING like that crazy, horrible person?



His Goal: To make you feel sorry for him and conform to all the things he desires.



2. They want to know everything about you. Not because they are interested, but because they can use it to their advantage or to target your weaknesses so they can turn it against you when the right time comes. Pay attention to if he has a “critical eye”. If he is overly critical about people from his past and those around him, this will eventually include you (if it doesn’t already).


How to recognize if you are playing straight into his hand: Do you simply agree with the things he says without probing deeper? Do you ask the same questions in return and get a direct answer? If you notice he doesn’t get as detailed as you, it’s not because he’s a man, it’s because he’s being strategic.



His Goal: Load the artillery



3. Toxic men will mirror your actions (i.e., love the same TV  shows, movies, interests, etc.) to get closer to you. By pretending they are the same as you, it gives the appearance of being your equal. He may even throw in an early “I love you”,  “We might be soulmates” or “We’re bonded”.


How to recognize if you are playing straight into his hand: Are you super interested in his interests as a way to have “more in common” to talk about even though you are not genuinely interested? If anyone BUT him introduced you to “these things” would you be as enthralled and interested by them?



His Goal: Make you feel a deep, almost “divine” connection as if it is “meant to be”.



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