Shataun Rogers

Women, Are You Ready for A Healthy Love Relationship?

Shataun works with women to coach from a place of power, purpose and passion.

Relationship & Transformational Life Coach

Relationship Freedom for Women is my soul’s passion. My soul’s journey is to serve in my passion as a beacon of light for women.  All of my life I knew that I was being guided to my life’s purpose.


As that journey began to unfold, I noticed a pattern in my relationships, and it was not a good look. I have endured constant struggles, bad decisions and endless disappointments in my relationships. They were some of the darkest, hardest and most emotional moments in my life.



I was tired of attracting the same type of relationships. I was tired of giving my all in every relationship, giving away my power and receiving less than half in return. The perpetual feeling that no matter how much of myself I gave or what I did was never enough.



There is no shame in admitting to my share of pitfalls, the highs and lows of love and relationships, the “bad” marriage, the tough lessons where in my mind; I turned right when I should have turned left plus so many peaks and valleys of growing pains that over time I began to lose count. Believe me, the struggle was real and it was not for the faint at heart. Yet, despite all of my so-called pitfalls, I never gave up on love. I never gave up on myself.



These were some of my most vulnerable times, I knew that I deserved more so I reclaimed the parts of me that left me feeling unwanted, unloved and unworthy – or perhaps the parts of me that needed to be nourished.


With my many hardships in tow, I claimed my true happiness, I took full control of my life and I became the one to attract the one that accepted me 100% for who I am! Finally, I realized that I AM WORTHY.



And you know what?

  • I found my power
  • I reconnected with my first love — myself
  • I reclaimed my life
  • I embraced my journey of discovery
  • I realized that transformation began with the first step I took to change my situations
  • I discovered infinite choices, possibilities and desires within
  • I found my authentic coaching purpose and the way I am meant to serve

I have not looked back and I have no regrets because my destiny was waiting for me to tap into the deepest part of my knowing. It enabled me to attract the love that is truly deserving for the Queen that I AM!



My Relationship Freedom for Women program is designed to work with smart, strong and independent women over 30 who are ready to develop healthy relationships and release old TOXIC relationship patterns that have been holding you back from attracting a partner who loves you 100% for who you are.



I was able to develop a program with coaching tools for women that helps them to navigate successfully through the circumstances and situations in their relationships that we call “mistakes”, but the truth of the matter is that these are growth lessons with so many golden nuggets. Even if we do not understand it at the time. It is an empowered action in motion!



Along my journey, I have encountered so many phenomenal, good-hearted and amazing women who feel the pain of “love”. They think that we as women are wrong for our feelings, needs and deepest truths. Pain is not the source of suffering, it is turning away from the pain that is. They relate to the pain as “something is wrong” with them. We recoil into separation and it is this contraction against the truth of our own soul that hurts the most! The recoil as we shrink is what makes it feel like love has failed again.



This is where Relationship Freedom for Women comes in.



You can join my Relationship Freedom For Women Private FB Group. It is a very supportive group of women. I have created a safe container where you are held and supported by other women with no judgement. Free Your Mind. Free Your Voice. Free Your Heart.

Yes, You Can Make Healthy Love Relationships Happen!

You might be having a heck of a time getting over a painful relationship, or a tragic betrayal. While you could be desiring a soul shaking love affair, your heart is simply not open for business right now. I get it.
It does not matter what you do, but you can’t seem to rebuild the trust needed to open up right now. In fact, you could meet the perfect mate tomorrow, but unfortunately the walls you have built would not let them in anyway. I have been there.
You deserve to be loved and to have someone you can love with all of your heart. You do not need to be perfect for this to happen. However, you need to make yourself and your deepest desires a priority.
I have been there, done that. I was afraid to say yes to deep love and romance for a long time, too.
As a Transformational and Relationship Life Coach, I am confident we can work together to bridge the gap between the love you seek and the love you source within. This is the journey and distance from your wound to your heart. 
When we reach outside of ourselves for love, we get trapped between “what is” and “what we desire” leading to you being hurt again, hardened to love or just plain numb to love. You harness the power of transformation that begins with the first step you take to change your circumstances.

You have the fire inside of you that is preparing you for the kind of romantic connection that will rock your world.

A Woman Who Stands in Her Heart Power is Incredibly Connected

She is connected to her truth, her emotion and her deep desire for love within the inner most reaches of her heart.
She is reclaiming her heart power within because she is not wallowing in her suffering. She looks at her life and past relationships from a place of honesty and learns from her past “mistakes”.
She removes the locks from her heart to let love in because she knows that more of her true self will emerge and will be ready to play and explore.
She nourishes herself, takes time for herself because she knows that she cannot pour from an empty cup.
She knows that she cannot do this work alone.
She is you and she is me.
We are relationship freedom through power, passion and purpose!


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